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Stipendiary Junior Research Fellowship in the Science of Climate

Stipendiary Junior Research Fellowship in the Science of Climate


Jesus College,Oxford


Oxford, United Kingdom



Entry level


Required education

Application deadline
17 May 2019

8 February 2019

Job description


Jesus College invites applications for a stipendiary Junior Research Fellowship (a postdoctoral fellowship) in the Science of Climate, tenable for a fixed-term of three years from 1 October 2019. The Fellowship is open to those researching in appropriate areas in the science of climate, and is intended for candidates who are at an early stage in their academic career. Applicants will be talented researchers, who have already produced excellent research during their doctorate and in any postdoctoral positions. They will be free to conduct their own research programme. This is a full-time position that cannot be held concurrently with any other substantive post without explicit permission of the College.

The objectives in making this appointment are to develop and strengthen the research profile of the College and more generally to contribute to the goal of maintaining the University of Oxford as a leading centre for research in climate and climate evolution of Earth and other planets, including climates of the newly discovered exoplanets. There is considerable commonality between the fundamental physics applied to problems such as human-caused climate change in the next few centuries, climates of the recent and distant past of Earth, climates of Solar System planets, and climates of exoplanets (whether habitable or not). There are also considerable synergies between climate research in these diverse areas, with progress in one often stimulating progress in the others. The emphasis in selecting a holder of this JRF post will be on quality, originality and importance of the candidates research and research plans.

Jesus College is grateful to Professor Thomas Phillips and Jocelyn Keene for making this JRF possible. Professor Thomas Phillips was the College’s first Junior Research Fellow in 1963. He is now Professor Emeritus at the California Institute of Technology and wants to give a young researcher a similar opportunity to that which he received at Jesus.


The successful applicant will be expected to:
· Undertake original research of the highest academic standard;
· Disseminate their results via conference presentations and journal publications;
· Manage their own academic and administrative activities;
· Assist in the supervision of student projects and the development of student research skills;
· Act as College Advisor to a small number of postgraduates at the College;
· Participate in and contribute to the life of the College.

To assist in their academic career development, the JRF will be required to contribute up to three hours of departmental teaching per week for the 24 weeks of each academic year, averaged over the period of the Fellowship to allow for extended visits elsewhere. If desired, the JRF may undertake a limited number of hours of undergraduate tutorial teaching at the College but this is not a requirement of the post.

Criteria for appointment

The successful applicant will meet the following criteria:

Essential criteria

1. A doctorate in any area of the physical sciences or a related discipline of relevance to climate on Earth or other planets, completed in the last 3 years;
2. Independence and ability to undertake research of the highest academic standard;
3. An outstanding record (for the stage of their career) of papers related to the subject area of this JRF, published in major international journals;
4. A realisable research plan relevant to the research activities of appropriate research groups in the Department of Physics, the Department of Earth Sciences or the Mathematical Institute, and that would enhance the overall research profile of the College.
5. Participation in conferences, seminars or research workshops;
6. Ability to teach students in small groups;
7. The ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Jesus College

Jesus College has a strong commitment to promoting and enabling education, learning, scholarship and research at the highest levels amongst its students and academic staff, whilst preserving an informal and friendly atmosphere. Founded in 1571 by Elizabeth I, the College is a self-governing educational charity and is one of the 38 constituent colleges of Oxford University. With Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt FRS, FREng, as its Principal, the College comprises some 70 Fellows, 25 lecturers, 240 graduates, 350 undergraduates, and 90 support staff. The College is located on an attractive historic site in the centre of Oxford, with excellent access to the Bodleian Library and other university libraries, the Science Area, and the University’s department and faculty buildings. Full information about the College is available on the college website:

The College encourages the academic achievements of its students (being regularly towards the top of the table for the best performance in final examinations) with excellent teaching, and generous and varied financial support. Similarly it celebrates and supports the academic endeavours of its Fellows, both in research and teaching.

The Fellows of the College form a lively multi-disciplinary and international community. Weekday lunches in particular are a popular and lively time for Fellows to talk to their immediate colleagues and those in other disciplines. Guest Nights on Wednesdays and Fridays during term offer very pleasant occasions for Fellows to entertain professional and personal guests, and a chance to meet a wide range of interesting people. The College hosts a number of well-attended formal dinners throughout the year, at which the post-holder and his/her guest would be most welcome.

Fellows can make use of the College’s well-equipped seminar and other rooms for meetings, entertainment, conferences etc., and can book accommodation for guests in dedicated Fellows’ guest rooms. Junior Research Fellows regularly use College facilities to host seminars, colloquia and conferences of several days’ duration. Lunches and dinners of a high standard may also, on occasion, be hosted by Fellows for professional or personal purposes. A dedicated Fellows’ Resources Room provides computers, printers, a photocopier and a fax.

Full information about the College is available on the College website:

How to apply

How to apply: There is no application form. Please email the following as ONE DOCUMENT to Mrs Helen Gee, the Principal’s Secretary ( by noon on Friday May 17th, 2019

  • a covering letter
  • a curriculum vitae
  • a list of publications
  • an outline of the proposed programme of research
  • the names and contact details, including email addresses, of three referees
  • applicants who are undertaking a doctoral thesis but have not yet submitted it are asked to include a clear timetable for its completion within 3 months of taking up the post.

References will be sought at longlisting.

Full details can be found at