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PhD position in the Netherlands: Dynamical systems perspective on clouds

PhD position in the Netherlands: Dynamical systems perspective on clouds


Wageningen University and Research


Wageningen, Netherlands


Full time

Student / Graduate / Internship


Preferred education

Application deadline
22 May 2019

9 April 2019

Job description

We invite you to apply for a 4-year position as a PhD researcher in the field of atmospheric cloud research.

Clouds, specifically shallow clouds over the global oceans, are the largest source of uncertainty for climate projections. During your PhD research, you will explore concepts from the field of dynamical systems theory to improve our understanding and modeling of shallow cumulus clouds. In combination with machine learning, you will apply these concepts to analyze large data sets of cloud fields. You will work with existing data from simulations and observations as well as perform your own numerical simulations. Within a broad scope, we will guide you in designing specific research projects that take your own ideas and interests into account. We can offer you generous funds for international scientific travel.

We are looking for a strong, curiosity-driven candidate who enjoys conceptual thinking as well as computational data analysis. As a suitable candidate, you may come from a range of backgrounds including, but not limited to, Atmospheric Science and Geoscience, Physics, Computational Science and Applied Mathematics. You should have practical programming experience, ideally including data analysis and visualization (e.g. in python). Any prior knowledge you may have about atmospheric modeling or observation, dynamical system theory or statistical physics will be beneficial but is not required.

Wageningen University is located in the Netherlands, a 20-minute train ride from Utrecht, and 40 minutes from Amsterdam.

For more details and to apply, visit:

Your application will be given full consideration if you apply before May 1, 2019.