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PhD position available at UC Irvine - Boundary Layers, Turbulence and Micrometeorology

PhD position available at UC Irvine - Boundary Layers, Turbulence and Micrometeorology


University of California, Irvine


Irvine, United States


Relevant divisions
Atmospheric Sciences (AS)
Energy, Resources and the Environment (ERE)
Hydrological Sciences (HS)

Full time

Student / Graduate / Internship


Preferred education

Application deadline
Open until the position is filled

25 April 2019

Job description

Summary: A PhD position is available at The Boundary Layers and Turbulence (BLT) Lab led by Dr. Tirtha Banerjee at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the Henry Samueli School of Engineering, University of California, Irvine, USA.

What we do: Exchange of scalar (such as carbon dioxide, heat or trace gases), momentum and energy between the atmosphere and the elements of the ecosystem such as land, vegetation and water is controlled by turbulence or multi-scale organized eddy motions. Our core research interest lies in identifying the governing laws of such interactions across a wide range of spatial and temporal scales using a variety of theoretical, numerical and experimental tools. For more information, please check: .

What You will work on: The PhD student may use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) as well as other numerical methods and data analysis tools to quantify micrometeorological/land-atmosphere interaction processes. Potential application areas might include modeling wildfire behavior, agricultural and forest meteorology, ecosystem disturbance effects, air-water interaction or renewable energy resources. There will be opportunities to collaborate widely across Universities and National Laboratories. The work scope is flexible and can be tailored to the candidate’s area of interest. Further information about the Department can be found at:

Preferred qualifications: The potential candidate should have a strong background in physics/mathematics/engineering (civil/mechanical etc.) or related areas. Strong computer programming skills (e.g., Fortran, Matlab, Python etc.) are also necessary.

Start date: Fall, 2019. The start date can be flexible.

How to apply

Contact: Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Prof. Banerjee directly over email ( with a CV and a brief research statement. The statement should include sections on motivation, background and general research interests.