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Postdoctoral position in atmospheric pollutants dispersion at the local scale

Postdoctoral position in atmospheric pollutants dispersion at the local scale



ONERA is the French Lab for Aerospace research. Its main objectives are to:

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Toulouse, France


Relevant division
Atmospheric Sciences (AS)


Entry level


Required education

Application deadline
Open until the position is filled

16 May 2019

Job description

Project objectives and partners
The PPM project (Ensemble Prediction of atmospheric Pollutant dispersion for Micro-meteorological applications) focuses on the formulation of velocity and turbulence boundary conditions for micro-meteorological models. The aim is to estimate the boundaries conditions influence on micro-scale LES (Large Eddy Simulations) modeling and to quantify the related uncertainties.
The project involves 4 main partners:

Objectives of postdoc or research engineer

Large Eddy Simulations at high resolution (around 10 m) will be conducted with the meso-scale atmospheric model Meso-NH over an airport. The aircraft emissions will be simulated as well as the pollutants chemistry and atmospheric dispersion for several large scale boundaries conditions (Ensemble simulations forcing) allowing to estimate the large scale influence on pollutants dispersion at the terminals and runways scale. These simulations will allow to develop model reduction.

Duration: 15 months
Skills: Fluid dynamics, atmospheric modelling

How to apply

The position is already available, in Toulouse, France in the Department for Information Processing and System (DTIS).

Please send your CV to Dr. Claire Sarrat :