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Professor in Meteorology

Professor in Meteorology


Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute


Norrköping, Sweden


Relevant division
Atmospheric Sciences (AS)

Full time


Individual salary

Preferred education

Application deadline
15 October 2019

14 August 2019

Job description

The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, SMHI, is a Swedish expert authority with a global perspective. The organisation is part of the Ministry of the Environment and has the vision “A sustainable society in a world of change benefitting from our knowledge of weather, water and climate”.

SMHI has about 650 employees and a mandate to work with meteorology, climatology, hydrology and oceanography. With the help of supercomputers, computational models and statistics, SMHI’s Research Department develops knowledge and tools to describe the key processes in the atmosphere, in the ocean and on land. Our researchers develop advanced models and techniques to use observations for making forecasts and model-based analyses. The research department consists of six units with a total of about 120 employees, including 80 with a doctorate.

SMHI conducts high quality, relevant and applied research and development to support and develop the authority’s mission, vision and goals whilst meeting the challenges facing society in our field of expertise. The direction of the research conducted by SMHI is in accordance with instructions, authority dialogues and government approval documents as well as specific assignments and cooperations involving external factors. These include climate changes, sustainable natural resources as well as vulnerable societies, political goals such as Agenda 2030, the Sendai Framework and the Paris Agreement and in addition political research goals. SMHI’s principle research is financed externally through national and international projects. Research is conducted in close cooperation with other interested parties and with a profound understanding for the needs of the user.

The appointment of the Professorship in Meteorology is a strategic initiative to strengthen SMHI’s expertise in order to provide society with relevant knowledge, information and services in the field of meteorology. This is achieved through the contribution of scientific development in the fields of forecast and early warning by the authority.

This position is also tasked with developing relevant networks and cooperations with universities as well as national and international institutions and is an important representative of SHMI regarding stakeholders, the general public and others within the research community.

Description of the subject matter

The main focus of the Professorship in Meteorology at SMHI is dynamical meteorology and development of Numerical Weather Prediction models. The aim of the research is to improve the quality of short-range forecasts primarily relating to severe weather conditions, where urban environments are of particular importance. Merit will be given to experience and knowledge of forecasting conditions for a 1-3 month timescale.

Research areas defined for the position includes:

Methodology for data assimilation and initialisation of shortrange forecasts
Use of in-situ and remote sensing observations
Modelling of micro-physical processes for better descriptions of clouds, precipitation, turbulence and convections.
The applicants should write a research plan and provide an account of the direction(s) that the research is intended to follow.

Work description

The position involves research and supervision of research at different levels within the field of the position. The work also includes scientific direction and development of the research environment at SMHI, administration and active participation in internal and external activities at the research department. Included in the areas of responsibility for the professor is initiating and leading internal, national and international research projects as well as securing external funding.

Qualification criteria

Applicants should have scientific and pedagogic skills within the fields of relevance applicable to the position and the tasks included in the work description.

Criteria for scientific and pedagogic skills:

The scientific skills should be at a level where the applicant is internationally renowned in the scientific field for the position
Scientific skills should be proven by individual research beyond the level of what is required of an Associate Professor (docent) in the Swedish system, both regarding quality and quantity
The scientific publications by the applicant should be recent, of high quality and published in international journals
Applicants should have documented experience of initiating, developing, leading and conducting research based on own research grants obtained in national and/or international competition
Good pedagogic ability in communicating research results is of great importance and documented experience of communicating research results to society is a condition.
Applicants should provide documented experience in supervision (e.g. of graduate students and Postdoctoral researcher) and should normally have been the main supervisor of at least one doctoral student to completion of the doctoral degree Of great significance is :

Documented experience of research within the subject description of the position
The scientific quality and relevance of the research plan in relation to the position (see “Subject description” above and “Application” below)
Documented experience in multi-disciplinary research
Documented ability to build national and international research networks
Documented experience of interaction with society within the field of the subject description and experience of communicating research and development work
Skills in leadership; ability to collaborate; proactiveness and independence; knowledge about equality issues including gender
Excellent communication skills and ability to be a good representative of the institute towards the society
Demonstrated experience and properties that can promote SMHI to further strengthen the reputation as an expert authority
High level proficiency in spoken and written English is required. The successful applicant should also be willing and able to learn Swedish at a working language level within one year of assuming the position. The role requires the holder to be able communicate with relevant interested parties in Sweden and to be able to carry out other duties within the position.

The position is permanent and located at the SMHI offices in Norrköping, Sweden.


SMHI is seeking a person who is able to establish a balance between strategy and values and complement and interact with the organization as a whole. SMHI core values ​​are based on the concepts of personal responsibility, trust, participation, respect and openness / honesty.

As a leader we expect the successful applicant to represent:

Visions: look beyond, see the larger context, be innovative and stand for a holistic approach.

Courage: express and stand for your views. Have the ability to make and implement even difficult decisions.

Ethics: to be a good role model in your leadership role and have a positive view of humanity, by making demands on and giving recognition to employees.


For additional information, please contact Head of the Research Department Helén Andersson or HR Specialist Karin Lien Aspeqvist. The Trade Union representative for SACO is Lennart Robertson and for ST, Anders Höglund. All the above can be contacted on +46(0)11-495 8000 or via email:


Please submit your application no later than 15 October 2019.

Applications should include scientific publications and other scientific work that you want to reference. Books and more extensive publications that are not available in digital form should be sent by regular mail in four copies in four identical parcels.

The application should contain:

List of publications and an account of main achievements that you think are relevant for the position
Publications/other scientific work that you want to refer to (maximum ten items)
A research plan that describes the research that you want to carry out within the position and its policy relevance (maximum two pages)
Other documents that you deem relevant
SMHI strives for diversity where our employees’ background, experience, knowledge and personality enrich the work environment.

SMHI is an expert authority with a global outlook and a vital mission to forecast changes in weather, water and climate. With a scientific foundation, we use knowledge, research and services to contribute to a more sustainable society. Every hour of every day, all year round.

How to apply

Apply via the link below :

Contact person

Karin Lien Aspeqvist


011-495 8000

Helén Andersson

Avdelningschef Forskningen

011-495 8000

Lennart Robertson


011-495 80 00

Anders Höglund


011 495 8000