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Associate Professor in Water Engineering

Associate Professor in Water Engineering

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Uppsala, Sweden


Relevant division
Hydrological Sciences (HS)

Full time



Preferred education

Application deadline
31 January 2020

7 January 2020

Job description


The position includes teaching, research and administration. Teaching duties include course responsibility, course administration and supervision of master and doctoral level students. The holder shall also keep abreast of developments within the subject area and developments in society that are significant for the work at the university. The lecturer is primarily expected to teach courses focusing on fluid mechanics and water engineering at an advanced level within a newly formed master’s program in water engineering. Teaching with hydrological focus within the Civil Engineering program in Environmental and Water Engineering as well as in Earth Science programs may also be included. The holder of this position may be expected to accept positions of educational leadership, such as course leader or program director. In terms of research, the holder of this position is expected to follow developments in the subject area and developments in society that have significance for work at the university. Duties also include actively applying for external research funding.

Requirements for eligibility

According to the Higher Education Ordinance, a person is eligible to be hired as an associate professor if that person has demonstrated pedagogical competency and has completed a doctoral degree in a water-related engineering discipline, or has equivalent scientific competence, or has some other relevant professional skill. It is required that the pedagogical and scientific competency as well as professional skills must be relevant to the subject area of the position and the tasks that will be included in the position.

Teaching competence requires that the applicant has undergone relevant teacher training at the university level, comprising at least ten weeks, or has acquired equivalent knowledge. Under certain circumstances, teacher training can be completed during the first two years of employment. Furthermore, according to the Appointment Regulations for Uppsala University, the applicant must have the personal qualities that are required to perform the duties of the position well.

Documented ability to teach in Swedish and/or English is a requirement unless special reasons prevail. The holder is expected to be able to teach in Swedish within two years.

Assessment criteria

When selecting applicants, emphasis will be placed on both scientific and pedagogical skills, which are assigned equal importance. Scientific competence refers to research merit, including research merit, technology development and innovation. When assessing the scientific skill, special emphasis will be placed on research qualifications in water engineering and water resources engineering. Furthermore, the ability to plan, initiate, lead and develop research and education, as well as the ability to obtain funding for research and ability for interaction both within the scientific community and with the surrounding society, will be given high importance.

In the assessment of research competence, scientific quality will be considered foremost. The scope of research, primarily in regard to depth and breadth, will be afforded consideration. Furthermore, the ability to plan, initiate, lead and develop research and education at the doctoral level, the ability to acquire funding for research in competition, as well as the demonstrated capacity to interact with others both within academia and in the wider community, are also given special consideration.

An equal amount of care will be afforded in the evaluation of the pedagogical competence as is afforded the evaluation of scientific competence. Pedagogical competence comprises educational and teaching qualifications. Pedagogical competence may have been achieved in the professional sphere through tutorship, supervision of interns, mentorship programs, etc.

In assessing pedagogical competence, the quality of pedagogic skills shall be given primary consideration. The scope, in terms of both breadth and depth, will also be considered. Furthermore, consideration must be given to the capacity to plan, initiate, lead, and develop teaching and instruction, as well as the ability to connect teaching to research, to discipline-based education research, as well as to teaching and learning in higher education. The ability to interact with actors inside and outside the University, concerning issues of teaching and learning in higher education, is also considered in the evaluation of pedagogical competence.

In the assessment of pedagogical competence, special emphasis will be placed on teaching in fluid mechanics, water and water resources engineering, and hydrology. Uppsala University’s new master’s program in water engineering is specialized in the area of digitalisation, and teaching experience in handling large amounts of data with, for example, machine learning is considered a merit.

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How to apply

For further information about the position please contact

  • Docent Roger Herbert, responsible for the Master´s Programme in Environmental and Water Engineering, e-mail, telephone +46 18471 2266
  • Professor Veijo Pohjola, responsible for the Air, Water and Landscape Science Programme, e-mail, telephone +46 18471 2509.

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