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Job advertisement Post-doctoral Research Fellow and/or Associate Research Scientist in Atmospheric Modelling

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Post-doctoral Research Fellow and/or Associate Research Scientist in Atmospheric Modelling

Post-doctoral Research Fellow and/or Associate Research Scientist in Atmospheric Modelling

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The Cyprus Institute (CyI) is a non-profit research and educational institution with a strong scientific and technological orientation, emphasizing international collaborations, cross-disciplinary research, innovation, and post graduate education. CyI, through its established research centers, addresses challenging issues that are important at both the regional and international levels. Many of its research activities are being carried out in partnership with leading institutions in the respective thematic areas.

The Environmental Prediction Department (EPD) of the Climate and Atmosphere Research Centre (CARE-C), provides essential insights into key processes of the Earth System, consisting of the:

  • Model Development and Forecasting Unit, responsible for numerical modelling and data analysis, the development of process parameterisations, the optimisation of computer codes for the latest generation High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure, and the pursuit of forecasting applications.
  • Earth System Analysis Unit, pursuing the chain of knowledge from processes to impacts, through the analysis of observations, model studies that focus on system understanding and feedback mechanisms, scenario calculations, and impact assessments.


Nicosia, Cyprus


Relevant division
Atmospheric Sciences (AS)


Entry level


Required education

Application deadline
9 January 2021

17 November 2020

Job description

The selected candidates will contribute to the research objectives of the Environmental Prediction Department, within the framework of national and/or international research projects. The candidates are expected to undertake one or more of the following tasks:

  • Atmospheric and earth system modelling
  • Use of atmospheric model output post-processing and analysis tools
  • Emission inventories compilation
  • Air quality forecasting through High Performance Computing simulations
  • Calculation of air pollution health impacts based on air quality model simulations

The successful candidate(s) will be offered the position of Post-Doctoral Research Fellow or Associate Research Scientist depending on their qualifications and experience. The positions of Post-Doctoral Research Fellow and/or Associate Research Scientist include an attractive compensation package and the successful candidate(s) will have the opportunity to develop in an international research environment and work in collaboration with linked academic institutions in the EMME region.


  • Set-up, application, evaluation, forecasting and projection with atmospheric and earth system models from global to regional scales
  • Collection and statistical analysis of observational and model data relevant to atmospheric conditions and air quality in the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East (EMME)
  • Contribution to emission, air quality, climate change and health impact and risk assessments for the EMME
  • Presentation of results in conferences and meetings and participation in journal publications
  • Project (scientific) reporting

In addition, for the Associate Research Scientist position:

  • Contribution to research proposal preparation, and project management * Supervision and guidance of Research Assistants and Students

How to apply

For full consideration, interested applicants should process their application at The Cyprus Institute JobBoard based on the instructions given. Applicants should submit a curriculum vitae including a letter of interest and a list of three references (including contact information). All documentation should be in English and in PDF Format.

Required Experience and Qualifications

  • PhD in Natural Sciences & Engineering
  • Publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals
  • Publications in peer-reviewed conference proceedings
  • Presentations in scientific conferences
  • 3 years experience (including PhD research) or 5 years for the Associate Research Scientist position
  • Understanding of physical and mathematical concepts
  • Numeracy, computational and analytical skills
  • Ability to work within a team
  • Willingness to travel and spend time in Partner organizations
  • Fluency in English (verbal and writing)

Preferred Experience and Qualifications

  • Experience with WRF/WRF-CHEM model