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Bayi Glacier in Qilian Mountain, China (Credit: Xiaoming Wang, distributed via

Job advertisement Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Geochemistry

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Geochemistry

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Geochemistry

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Dublin, Ireland


Relevant divisions
Biogeosciences (BG)
Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology & Volcanology (GMPV)
Soil System Sciences (SSS)



39523 - 45609 € / Year, Postdoctoral Research Fellow Level 1

Required education

Application deadline
26 May 2022

12 May 2022

Job description

Globally, the construction industry produces large volumes of undelivered/unused (returned) concrete; an alkaline material with significant potential for CO2 capture after processing. This iCRAG/SFI-funded post-doctoral researcher, working in collaboration with industry co-funder Silicate Carbon (, will investigate the novel use of PRC as a soil amendment for the sequestration of atmospheric CO2 via accelerated weathering. Our pilot studies indicate that biogeochemical reactions in soils result in rapid weathering of some components of crushed concrete, resulting in conversion of soil-gas CO2 to stable, cation-balanced dissolved bicarbonate in soil solutions. The main objectives of the research to be carried out by the post-doctoral researcher will be to: (i) optimise weathering kinetics and therefore CO2 sequestration rates, (ii) understand the ultimate fate and storage lifetime of the captured CO2 in the surface water/groundwater continuum, and (iii) develop geochemical models that permit reliable calculation of CO2 sequestration rates, calibrated by field measurements of soil-water chemistry and soil-to-atmosphere CO2 gas fluxes. The project will involve systematic field- and laboratory-based studies in Ireland to investigate the effect of several variables related to both the material itself and the target soils, as well as the construction of geochemical models informed by the field and laboratory data.

This is a research focused role, where you will conduct a specified programme of research supported by research training and development under the supervision and direction of a Principal Investigator.

The primary purpose of the role is to further develop your research skills and competences, including the processes of publication in peer-reviewed academic publications, the development of funding proposals, the mentorship of graduate students along with the opportunity to develop your skills in research led teaching.

How to apply

Further information (including application procedure) should be obtained from the Work at UCD website: