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Bayi Glacier in Qilian Mountain, China (Credit: Xiaoming Wang, distributed via

Job advertisement Full Professor (W2) in Applied Structural Geology

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Full Professor (W2) in Applied Structural Geology

Full Professor (W2) in Applied Structural Geology


RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University is one of Germany’s pre-eminent Universities of Excellence, which entails the highest quality in teaching and world-class
research. RWTH addresses bold, scientific questions; it also assumes a profound responsibility toward society and transfers its knowledge into
meaningful applications. RWTH strives for the convergence of knowledge, methods, and findings from its research fields and integrates in-depth disciplinary knowledge into interdisciplinary research consortia represented as profile areas. The university’s dynamic, creative, and international
environment encompasses efficient research networks, institutionalized cooperations, and, most of all, the innovative RWTH Campus-Project which harbors one of the most extensive technology-oriented research landscapes in Europe.




Relevant divisions
Geodynamics (GD)
Natural Hazards (NH)
Tectonics and Structural Geology (TS)

Full time



Preferred education

Application deadline
30 September 2022

10 August 2022

Job description

We are inviting applications for the position of full professor in the area of applied structural geology, to be filled as soon as possible. In terms of research the professorship focuses on applied structural geology and applied tectonics on different crustal scales. Expertise is expected in mineral
and rock deformation, deformation experiments or numerical modeling. We anticipate that the person appointed will have a proven track record,
teaching experience and international networks. Participation in the current curricula in Geosciences (Applied Geosciences, Georesource Management, Joint Master in Applied Geophysics and Engineering Geohazards) is required in German and English language, including field courses as well as engagement in the development of future curricula.
The applicant should be able to lead and direct a teaching and research unit and to enroll scientific projects and interdisciplinary projects. Experience in large coordinated academic projects or industrial cooperations and raising funding are expected. The concept of RWTH is an integrated interdisciplinary technical university and the professorship will have a bridging function of material-related natural sciences and engineering science at RWTH.

The requirements include a doctoral degree and additional research experience, such as a habilitation (post-doctoral lecturing qualification) or
equivalent achievements gained as a university researcher or professor or in a research position outside academia. Teaching ability and dedication
are essential and the application should include proof of this. Fluent German is not required to start the position but the successful candidate will be expected to hold classes in German within the first 5 years. Please include with your application the usual supporting documents: academic
and professional profile; lists of publications, third-party funded projects, and lecture programs; research and teaching concepts; teaching
evaluations; copies of testimonials and certificates.

How to apply

Please send a cover letter stating research aims and a CV to:
Dekan der Fakultät für Georessourcen
und Materialtechnik der
RWTH Aachen, Univ.-Prof. Peter
Kukla, Ph.D., 52056 Aachen

In addition, please complete the application questionnaire, accessible at
You can also send your application via email to