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Job advertisement Associate Editors of the journal Geoscience Communication

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Associate Editors of the journal Geoscience Communication

Associate Editors of the journal Geoscience Communication


Geoscience Communication


Remote Work, Germany




Volunteer position

Required education

Application deadline
31 December 2023

27 October 2023

Job description

The Geoscience Communication (GC) journal invites applications for Associate Editors. We ask all Editors to have at least some experience of reviewing or editing scientific papers. As an Associate Editor, we expect you to edit 1-3 papers a year, attend 1-2 virtual Editorial Board meetings per year (60-90 minutes in length), be an advocate for the journal and contribute towards 2-4 reviews a year (optional). On average, this amounts to approximately 2-3 hours per week.

To learn more about editing for GC, see:

In return we offer peer-to-peer support, developmental training, networking, and the opportunity to collaborate on editorials for the journal.

Journal scope: Geoscience Communication is a not-for-profit journal for sharing knowledge and giving more “traditional” recognition to science communication in the geosciences. Science communication is used as an umbrella term by GC to cover all aspects of outreach, public engagement, widening participation, knowledge exchange, and any other initiatives within the scope of the journal. It can be thought of as any initiative which seeks to communicate an aspect of geoscience to a wider audience than the experts within that particular field. More here:

How to apply

Send your 2-page CV to, with Subject: Editors positions. In your CV, include a list of manuscripts reviewed and previous editorial work. If you would like to nominate a highly qualified colleague, send a letter of recommendation to the same email address. Please also feel free to get in touch with any questions or queries you might have about working with GC.