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Bayi Glacier in Qilian Mountain, China (Credit: Xiaoming Wang, distributed via

Job advertisement Doctoral Researcher in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

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Doctoral Researcher in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

Doctoral Researcher in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics


University of Bayreuth - Atmospheric Chemistry Group

The Atmospheric Chemistry Group explores exchange processes between Earth and atmosphere with the aim to understand their influence on air quality, weather and climate.


Bayreuth, Germany


Relevant division
Atmospheric Sciences (AS)


Entry level


Required education

Application deadline
Open until the position is filled

17 January 2024

Job description

Ultrafine particles (UFP) have a maximum diameter of 100 nm and are important components of air. Naturally, UFP can form from precursor gases and are important for weather and climate. However, when released from anthropogenic sources, they can impact ecosystems and human health. Important factors for judging a potential risk, are the size, the concentrations in air and the chemical composition of UFP. Airports are a source of UFP too. Yet, the potential impact of airports on local and regional air quality is rarely studied so far. For this reason, we measure UFP in close proximity to a major German airport. Therefore, we are currently conducting observations of air quality and meteorology at two UFP-measurement stations.

We are seeking for…

  • a highly motivated researcher to join our team for running the UFP measurements and statistically analysing the long-term data set.

Apply, if…

  • you successfully finished your Master’s in Atmospheric Chemistry or Physics, Meteorology, Environmental Chemistry, Geoecology, Physics, Chemistry, Earth system sciences or Engineering.
  • you are generally interested in atmospheric processes.
  • you have good technical skills for running analytical instrumentation.
  • you have excellent statistical skills for working on large datasets.
  • communication and coordination are your strengths, and you are able to work independently, structured and focussed on solutions.
  • you are flexible, eager to travel, and own a valid driver’s licence (class B for Germany).

This position is generally suited for preparing a Dissertation.

How to apply