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Job advertisement Researcher in hydrological modeling

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Researcher in hydrological modeling

Researcher in hydrological modeling

Norrköping, Sweden


Relevant division
Hydrological Sciences (HS)

Full time



Required education

Application deadline
12 March 2024

21 February 2024

Job description

Do you want to contribute to a better world and sustainable society? Do you want to work with Swedish and international hydrology? Are you interested in research? Take the chance and become one of our new employees!

The unit for Hydrological Research works in Sweden, Europe and worldwide with developing Water and Climate services based on forecast and scenario tools. We assess and predict variability in water resources, climate change impacts, and water quality in catchments including pollutant transport. Our work aims to improve decision-making for water resource management and environmental control, as well as forecasting in early warning services for water-related sectors. We work directly with both external end-users and SMHI’s operational divisions. The unit is very international with some 45 employees from 15 countries.

We are now looking forward to employing one to two scientists with experience in hydrological modeling and development as well as evaluation of hydrological observations and model results. You will work in a research group that supports water management and long-term societal planning with its activities. The group focuses on important societal questions, now and in the future, from water supply and shortages, high flows, water quality impacts and delivery to coasts to climate impact analyses.

Work description

You will work with hydrological models from national to global scales, with large data both as observations and model results, where you need to develop various scripts to e.g. improve the model results with help of observations, homogenize input data, and develop hydrological process descriptions in the model. You will also carry out hydrological research via writing proposals, leading research projects, and actively contribute to SMHI’s activities. You are expected to publish at least one article in a scientific journal per year.

We work in various projects and you will work in groups of different sizes with each project working towards achieving project-specific goals. The work includes scientific analyses, programming, quality control, and documentation. The work tasks require focus on quality of the product, including developing and implementing quality assurance and quality control protocols.

Your profile

We are looking for goal-oriented colleagues who are passionate about their work, meticulous, and comfortable working both independently and in teams. You are a trustworthy and stable person with good self-awareness.

You have a doctoral degree in hydrology or closely related subject that SMHI deems equivalent with at least 2 years of experience in hydrological research after receiving your Ph.D.

We are looking for you who have (requirement):

- Experience in hydrological modelling and analyses with a deep understanding of hydrological processes at different scales
- Demonstrated competence in developing, calibration, and evaluation of hydrological models
- Good knowledge in IT and programming in order to be able to handle and analyze large data associated with hydrological observations and model results
- Proficiency in Microsoft Office
- Very good knowledge of English, both spoken and written.
- SMHI is a Swedish authority with tasks where you as an employee are expected to be able to communicate in Swedish, both verbally and in writing. Because of this, it is required that you have basic knowledge of Swedish or the desire to learn Swedish as a working language within a year.
- Well-developed professional network
- Experience in working with large data in hydrology.

Preference will be given to those who have:

- Education or experience in leading a research project
- Proficiency in R, Python, or FORTRAN
- Competence in Linux or supercomputer environment
- Competence in development platform (e.g. GIT) and automatic quality control
- Experience in writing proposals
- Experience in code development for hydrological models
- Competence in developing large scale process-based hydrological models
- Demonstrated competence in research areas within SMHI’s hydrological activities, e.g. water quality modeling, national to global hydrological modeling with process-based models, climate impact analyses, or experience with the hydrological model HYPE.

You are familiar with giving presentations and lectures, working in teams, agile approaches and delivering scientific results within defined project goals in a timely and qualitative manner. We work in a multicultural environment where good communication skills are required and former experiences in working internationally, in international teams, or with people of different cultural backgrounds are of merit.

You are research-oriented with published scientific articles and have a scientific work approach with motivation to publish your results.

You already have a permit to live and work in Sweden (e.g. you have an EU citizenship.

How to apply

Last day to apply: 12 March 2024

SMHI is an expert authority with a global outlook and a vital mission to forecast changes in weather, water and climate. With a scientific foundation, we use knowledge, research and services to contribute to a more sustainable society. Every hour of every day, all year round.

Bear in mind that all the documentation and information you send to SMHI in conjunction with your application will be classified as public documents. This means that all the material contained in your application, including attachments, may be disclosed if so requested by a party, on the condition that the information is not subject to confidentiality in accordance with the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act. You should therefore primarily provide such information that you deem to be relevant in relation to the requirements of the position. Think about your own personal privacy, and avoid sharing information that contains sensitive personal data, or information about your health or that of a family member, your political views or religious beliefs.

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