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Bayi Glacier in Qilian Mountain, China (Credit: Xiaoming Wang, distributed via

Job advertisement ESA Archival Research Visitor Programme

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ESA Archival Research Visitor Programme

ESA Archival Research Visitor Programme

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European Space Agency


Madrid (Spain) or Noordwijk (Netherlands), Spain


Relevant divisions
Planetary and Solar System Sciences (PS)
Solar-Terrestrial Sciences (ST)


Student / Graduate / Internship


Required education

Application deadline
30 April 2024

29 February 2024

Job description

To increase the scientific return from its space science missions, the European Space Agency (ESA) welcomes applications from scientists interested in pursuing research projects based on data publicly available in the ESA Space Science Archives (

The ESA Archival Research Visitor Programme is open to scientists, at all career levels, affiliated with institutes in ESA Member States and Collaborating States. Early-career scientists (within 10 years of the PhD) and PhD students are particularly encouraged to apply. We encourage applications from women and minorities. The evaluation process is anonymised to ensure equal opportunities for all applicants.

During their stay, visiting scientists will have access to archives and mission specialists for help with the retrieval, calibration, and analysis of archival data. In principle, all areas of space research covered by ESA science missions can be supported.

Residence lasts typically between one and three months, also distributed over multiple visits. Research projects can be carried out at ESAC (Madrid, Spain) and at ESTEC (Noordwijk, Netherlands). To offset the expenses incurred by visitors, ESA covers travel costs from and to the home institution and provides support for lodging expenses and meals.

Applications received before 1 May 2024 will be considered for visits in autumn and winter 2024/2025.

For further details, including areas of research and contact information, please refer to or write to the programme coordinators at

How to apply

Details on the application process can be found on