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Loughborough University Library (Credit: Vijetha Vijayan, distributed via Flickr)

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Thwaites3D_channels (Credit: BAS)

3D perspective view looking along seafloor channels towards Thwaites Glacier, West Antarctica. The
channels extend 30-60 km beneath the floating ice shelf to the grounding line (where Thwaites
Glacier sits on the seafloor) and may act as pathways for warm ocean water to reach the glacier. The
channels are 300-600 m deeper than the surrounding seafloor – that’s 3-6 football pitches back to
back – and several kilometres wide. Note that although the channels are 300-600 m deeper than the
surrounding seafloor, the total water depth of these features (i.e. from sea level to base of the
channels) is 800-1300 m.

View is approximately from the North looking southwards toward Antarctica.

Credit: BAS

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