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Video summary: Oxygen loss in the coastal Baltic Sea is “unprecedentedly severe”

Video summary of the EGU press release, ‘New study: oxygen loss in the coastal Baltic Sea is “unprecedentedly severe”’ ( It highlights the main points of the Biogeosciences study entitled ‘A 1500-year multiproxy record of coastal hypoxia from the northern Baltic Sea indicates unprecedented deoxygenation over the 20th century’ (

Video credit: European Geosciences Union (CC-BY-SA)

Text and production: Bárbara Ferreira

‘Phytoplankton bloom in the Baltic Sea’, by
Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response Team, NASA/GSFC
‘Archipelago Sea from a drone’, by
Kari Mattila, The Archipelago Research Institute
‘Baltic Sea map’, by Norman Einstein/Chino
(Remaining footage CC0 licensed)

Music: Jukedeck – create yours at

Credit: European Geosciences Union

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