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Educators: apply now to take part in the 2016 GIFT workshop!

5 October 2015

The Geosciences Information For Teachers (GIFT) workshop, hosted by the EGU and co-organised with the European Space Agency (ESA), is taking place on April 18–20 2016 at the EGU General Assembly in Vienna, Austria. The topic of the 2016 edition of GIFT is ‘The Solar System and beyond’.

The workshop will explore the major characteristics of the Solar System with the latest information gathered from recent space exploration using man-made satellites, and will also look into the latest theories on the formation of the Solar System. Special attention will be paid to the Moon and to Mars. Results from the ESA Rosetta Mission to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko will also feature in the 2016 GIFT workshop.

Teachers from Europe and around the world can apply to participate in the 2016 edition of GIFT, and to receive a travel and accommodation stipend to attend the workshop, by November 30. Application information is available for download in PDF format, a document which also includes the preliminary programme of the workshop.


Carlo Laj
Chair of the EGU Committee on Education
Paris, France


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GIFT-2016 Appli Form.pdf
GIFT-2016 Appli Form.pdf (PDF document, 95.3 KB)