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Retreat of the ice giants (Credit: Gabriel Sigmund via Imaggeo)

EGU news EGU call for Medal and Award nominations is open!

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EGU call for Medal and Award nominations is open!

8 March 2021

Each year, EGU honours individuals for their significant contributions to the Earth, planetary, and space sciences by bestowing more than 50 medals and awards during its spring General Assembly. EGU members are asked to submit their nominations for all EGU 2022 honours, including the new Marie Tharp Medal, by 15 June 2021.

The Marie Tharp Medal, which recognises the scientific achievements of the famous American geologist and cartographer, is one of two medals that the EGU Tectonics and Structural Geology Division may award. It will honour a scientist’s outstanding contributions to the discovery of the structure of the ocean floors and plate tectonic processes.

“I am pleased that the latest addition to the suite of EGU medals bears the name of Marie Tharp,” says Thomas Blunier, the EGU Awards Committee Chair. “The importance of female role models cannot be overestimated, and the significance of Marie Tharp’s achievements is likely to inspire young women to embrace careers in science,” he says.

To increase diversity among EGU awardees and medallists, EGU encourages members to consider gender, geographical, and cultural balance when nominating outstanding Earth, planetary, and space scientists at various career stages. “I would really like to encourage our members to submit nominations; the procedure is quite straightforward,” Blunier says. “I also hope you’ll consider nominations of persons who may have been previously overlooked,” he adds. “The sole evaluation criterion is scientific excellence.”

Detailed information on the selection process and how to propose a candidate is available on the Awards & Medals section of the EGU website. Nominations for all medals and awards must be submitted via an online nomination form by 15 June 2021.

The list of awards and medals bestowed by the Union and its divisions, and the names of the previous awardees, are available on the EGU website. The 2022 awards and medals, which will be announced in October 2021, will be presented to their recipients at the EGU General Assembly 2022 (3–8 April).


Thomas Blunier
EGU Awards Committee Chair

Terri Cook
EGU Head of Media, Communications and Outreach


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