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EGU Outreach Committee second sponsored workshop

10 October 2022

Are you an Early Career Scientist in the geosciences who wants to share your work with wider non-academic audiences? Why not apply to join the EGU Outreach Committee’s second sponsored workshop: ‘Public Engagement with Geoscience’! This free online public engagement training programme can help you to develop the specific skills for interacting directly, face to face with a range of public audiences, and is led by tutors who work as public engagement specialists.

The people who are interested in geoscience are many and diverse, from a child on a beach to an oil executive in a skyscraper – so engaging with that many different people can be an intimidating prospect. Listening to people from these different publics, and developing conversations with them about your specialist knowledge, are skills that will be much needed by researchers and scientists of any career stage or specialism in the years to come.

This interactive training programme will give you a grounding in the theory and practice of engaging with your publics, in order to help you to:

  • access the evidence from others’ experiences to inform what you do
  • identify what you and your audiences need to achieve
  • use the best techniques and media to achieve positive outcomes for all
  • find the right means for judging success, and learning for next time
  • develop and implement a plan for the project and its evaluation

In session one participants will think about “Why?” they do public engagement, looking at the evidence base for public engagement in the sciences, the importance of thinking about the needs of all participants in an activity and the need to consider power relations within the activity and the importance of diversity and inclusion.

In session two participants will build on this foundation by asking “How?” public engagement is done, from the point of view of a number of different stakeholders, and will think about the needs and agendas of each. Using some standard public engagement methods, participants will think about the strengths and weaknesses of those methods, and when students might choose to use them, including press releases, science festivals, social media and school workshops.

In the final session participants will encourage deeper reflection by asking “What?” is good public engagement. Participants will think about how to improve the likelihood of their activities being effective, and how they can be evaluated, assessing the value of several standard resources.

The trainers:

  • Emma Clare is a science communicator and event organiser with seventeen years of experience in the management, development and delivery of projects, events and activities that engage adults, families, school groups, scientists and stakeholders.
  • Jane Gregory has been designing and delivering science communication courses for 30 years and is co-author of the influential book ‘Science in Public’. Her research covers the history of popularisation, and the social contexts for science communication.
  • Dom McDonald brings 25 years of experience in the development, delivery and evaluation of informal science learning. He works as a freelance public engagement consultant, and teaches on Cambridge University’s postgraduate Science Communication courses.

The workshop sessions will take place on the 9, 16 and 23 November, between 13.30 and 17.00 CET. Places for this FREE workshop are limited to 30 people, so if you wish to participate please complete this application form by 31 October 2022. Only EGU Members can apply to participate in this workshop and attendees will be shortlisted by the EGU Outreach Committee selected by their answers to the question, ‘why do you want to take part in this workshop?’ and to ensure a diverse group of participants.

For any additional questions, please contact:


Martin Archer
Vice-chair, EGU Outreach Committee

Gillian D’Souza
EGU Media and Communications Officer


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