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Withered beauty of Badeb-e Surt (Credit: Maria Tsekhmistrenko, distributed via

Outreach GeoQ #9

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GeoQ #9

The March 2014 issue of the quarterly newsletter of the European Geosciences Union is now published online. Following from this year’s idea of having a themed General Assembly, this issue of the EGU newsletter is dedicated to The Face of the Earth. A special contribution from the EGU President and the EGU Programme Committee Chair at the start of the issue informs readers about this theme and what will be different at this year’s General Assembly.

Inspired by the five sub-topics at the EGU2014, we publish five pieces about exciting research focusing on Waters of the Earth, Life of the Earth, Atmosphere of the Earth, Rocks of the Earth and Space and the Earth in the Articles section of this GeoQ. Also of highlight are the Young Scientists and Education sections. The former provides information about activities for young scientists at the General Assembly, while the latter focuses on this year's Geosciences Information For Teachers (GIFT) workshop, which is dedicated to Our Changing Planet.

You can download the full newsletter as a single (interactive) PDF, or follow the Table of Contents links below for the PDFs of each individual section.

Table of Contents