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Loughborough University Library (Credit: Vijetha Vijayan, distributed via Flickr)

Profile David Fernández-Blanco

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David Fernández-Blanco

David Fernández-Blanco
David Fernández-Blanco
  • Union-level ECS Representative of the European Geosciences Union
    April 2023 – present
  • Deputy Union-level ECS Representative of the European Geosciences Union
    May 2022 – April 2023

David investigates the coupled formation of mountains and oceans through time, and its effects on topography, quantifying lateral and vertical tectonic motions in the (sub)surface. Using fieldwork and taking a holistic stand, David combines approaches from sibling disciplines, at basin to tectonic-plate scales, to study cross-disciplinary questions aimed at deciphering how mechanical and geophysical processes, and their geodynamic drivers, influence the Earth’s lithosphere motions, deformation and surface processes.

Before being Deputy Union-level ECS Representative, David was the ECS Representative for the Tectonic and Structural geology division (TS) from 2019-2022. He expanded the team from 14 to 27 members while promoting four new dissemination activities. Aside from his role at the EGU, David leads international efforts to promote transdisciplinarity, open access and dissemination. These include the BRIDGe (Basic Research Integrating Disciplines in Geosciences) international network, EarthArXiv, the main preprint repository for the Earth Sciences, and the Tektonika journal, which publishes peer-reviewed tectonics and structural geology articles that are free of cost for authors and readers. His passion for research is also reflected in geo-communication efforts. Contact him at or @_GeoDa_.