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Edvard Glücksman

Edvard Glücksman
Edvard Glücksman
  • EGU Fellow of the European Geosciences Union
    January 2012 – December 2012

Edvard, a Swedish citizen, recently completed his doctorate (DPhil) at the University of Oxford, where his molecular biology project explored the diversity and ecology of Apusozoa, a phylum of free-living protozoan flagellates. He also takes an active interest in science policy and communication and spent three months on a NERC-funded Secondment to the UK Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology (POST), where he researched and wrote a parliamentary briefing on biodiversity offsetting, market-based conservation strategies.

Having also recently served as a Trans-Atlantic Junior Fellow at the Colorado-based El Pomar Foundation, Edvard maintains a keen interest in large-scale transatlantic policy issues and has recently been chosen to participate in the Emerging Leaders in Environment and Energy Policy (ELEEP) network, a project hosted by the Atlantic Council of the United States.

Edvard’s studies include an MSc degree from the University of Oxford as well as undergraduate degrees in Environmental Biology (BSc) from the University of St Andrews and Sociology/Psychology (BA) from McGill University.