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Loughborough University Library (Credit: Vijetha Vijayan, distributed via Flickr)

Profile Gillian D'Souza

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Gillian D'Souza

Gillian D'Souza
Gillian D'Souza
  • Media and Communications Officer of the European Geosciences Union
    November 2021 – March 2024

Gillian D’Souza is originally from Mumbai, India. At present, she is Media and Communications Officer at the European Geosciences Union. She oversees the Union’s blog writing, press interactions and media communication. She has been a science writer on various subjects including health and the environment since 2014.

Gillian has an M.Sc. in Food Microbiology and Biochemistry, with her thesis centred on bacterial food infections causing meningitis. Before EGU, Gillian worked in the Communications team at a multinational pharmaceutical company, and prior to that, in the healthcare team of a global public relations agency, and a reputed peer-reviewed medical journal.