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Jane Robb

Jane Robb
Jane Robb
  • EGU Fellow of the European Geosciences Union
    September 2013 – May 2014

Jane held the first Educational Fellowship with the European Geosciences Union from September 2013 to May 2014. Jane, a Scottish citizen, has a bachelors degree in geology from the University of Edinburgh and an MRes in Heritage Science from University College London (UCL). Jane has a significant background in geoscience education and communication, working at a science centre, with schools delivering outreach and at a residential summer school over the past several years.

Jane’s role at the EGU was to develop and expand on the Union’s educational offering, working jointly with the Executive Office and the Committee on Education. In her time at the EGU, Jane worked on several projects including: I’m a Geoscientist, an innovative online educational event connecting school students with scientists; Planet Press, geoscience news for 7-11 year olds; Teacher’s Corner, Geolocations and Courses databases collating educational content; a collaboration with UNESCO to develop the first African Geosciences Information for Teachers workshop in South Africa; a GeoEd blog series on GeoLog and an educational strategy for the next three years.

In addition, Jane aided the media and communications team in creating content and editing contributions for the GeoQ monthly magazine and GeoLog blog as well as aiding administrative tasks of the Executive Office. At the 2014 General Assembly, Jane also convened two sessions on geoscience education, and presented on best practice in schools outreach.

Proceeding her fellowship, Jane will be working at UCL as a project assistant to their ToMCAT (Theory of Mantle, Core and Technological Materials) project as well as a research assistant in the Department of Political Science at UCL. Jane will also be starting her PhD in soil geochemistry in 2014 at the UCL-Birkbeck Institute of Earth and Planetary Sciences, hoping to develop a career in international development. In addition, Jane is on the Executive Committee of Geology for Global Development, and co-founded the social enterprise unboxd, enhancing social mobility by raising career aspirations in the UK.