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Jennifer Holden

Jennifer Holden
Jennifer Holden
  • EGU Fellow of the European Geosciences Union
    March 2011 – December 2011

The first Postdoctoral Fellowship was held by Jennifer Holden from March 2011. A British national, Dr Holden had recently completed her PhD in the Department of Geography, King’s College London, UK on Environmental Hazards (heavy-metal contamination). During her postdoctoral fellowship she developed outreach networks with young and female scientists within the Union. These have included fostering relationships with discipline specific young scientists groups and beginning a Women in Geoscience Mentoring programme.

Alongside these activities Dr Holden co-ordinated and further developed the social media activities of the European Geosciences Union focusing on the General Assembly. She had begun these on a voluntary basis for the General Assembly 2010 but during her postdoctoral fellowships she increased the activity on existing platforms (Twitter and blogging) and added new platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube).

Other activities during the time spent at the Executive Office included merchandise design, attending affiliate organisation conferences, and providing general support to the Executive Secretary. Before the Postdoctoral Fellowship Dr Holden was (and continues to be) involved in the activities of the European Geosciences Union as a member of the General Assembly Programme Committee (representing Young Scientists), and by being a scientific secretary and session convener within the Natural Hazards Division.