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Loughborough University Library (Credit: Vijetha Vijayan, distributed via Flickr)

Profile Jenny Turton

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Jenny Turton

Jenny Turton
Jenny Turton
  • Union-level ECS Representative of the European Geosciences Union
    May 2022 – present
  • Deputy Union-level ECS Representative of the European Geosciences Union
    April 2021 – May 2022

Jenny is a senior advisor for a non-profit organisation based in the Arctic. Her role includes organising scientific conferences and workshops, connecting scientists with policy makers, businesses and local communities, project management, and communication. Previously, she was a postdoc scientist. Her main research interests include polar meteorology and climatology, and atmosphere-cryosphere interactions. Jenny was the division ECS representative for the Cryospheric Sciences division (CR) in 2019-2021 and deputy union-level rep in 2021-2022. With her role as ECS rep, she hopes to continue building bridges between the divisions to help represent ECS who may fall on the boundary between groups, develop career opportunities for ECS and to promote equality throughout EGU. In her spare time, she likes to do sciencey crafts, drink gin and go running. She tweets from @TurtonJ1990.