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Alexander von Humboldt Medal 2021 Manfred R. Strecker

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Manfred R. Strecker

Manfred R. Strecker
Manfred R. Strecker

The 2021 Alexander von Humboldt Medal is awarded to Manfred R. Strecker for excellent research and education in developing regions. The focus of his research on tectonics in relation to climate and natural hazards has a high societal relevance.

Manfred Strecker has performed excellent tectonic research in developing regions covering South America, East Africa, and Central Asia, focusing on implications for climate change and natural hazards, both with a high societal impact. Strecker has successfully mentored numerous foreign students, researchers, and collaborators in the framework of international research and training programmes. He has published in leading international scientific journals, including Nature and Science, and has received more than 5000 citations, corresponding with an h-index of 72. Following German reunification in 1989, Strecker moved to the former East Germany and established a new geosciences department at the University of Potsdam that is now a leading worldwide institute. Manfred Strecker is a highly qualified recipient of the Alexander von Humboldt Medal.