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EGU Award Ceremony (Credit: EGU/Foto Pfluegl)

Awards & medals Angela Croome Award

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Angela Croome Award

This award, established in 2019, promotes excellence in Earth, space and planetary science journalism. It complements the EGU Science Journalism Fellowship and aims to further recognise the fundamental role of Earth, space and planetary science communication for raising awareness of the global challenges our planet is facing. It is named after Angela Croome, a pioneering UK science journalist who specialised in reporting space research and underwater archaeology.

The Angela Croome Award recognises continued, excellent and successful reporting of Earth, space or planetary science topics by an individual that meets the following criteria:

  • Achieving excellence in bringing new information or concepts about science to the public’s attention, with particular emphasis on discoveries that are relevant to Europe and European citizens.
  • Making Earth, space or planetary sciences more accessible and interesting to general audiences, with an objective, clear and constructive approach.

Nominees must be journalists working in any medium: print or electronic media, broadcast or cable station/network, web publishing. Only one author of a published journalism piece may be nominated. The nominee may be a freelance journalist. Candidates for the award may be nominated or may self-nominate. Neither nominees nor nominators are required to be EGU members. For more eligibility conditions and the nomination guidelines, please check the ‘Proposal and selection of candidates’ page.

For information on how to nominate scientists for EGU awards and medals, please check our nominations page and the guidelines for proposal and selection of candidates.