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Arthur Holmes Medal & Honorary Membership 2005 Anny Cazenave

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Anny Cazenave

Anny Cazenave
Anny Cazenave

The 2005 Arthur Holmes Medal & Honorary Membership is awarded to Anny Cazenave for her outstanding contributions over a wide range of topics in geodesy concerned with the internal structure and fluid envelope of the Earth.

Anny Cazanave has undertaken outstanding research projects in the general field of geodesy applied to a number of key research problems in the earth sciences: the internal structure of the earth; temporal variations in the earth’s gravity field; distrubution of the fluid envelopes of the Earth; evolution of sea level and the response of the earth to climate change; continental hydrology. Her approach is through rigorous geophysical modelling involving an open collaboration with other key scientists, she is author of more than 100 papers and has trained 20 PhD students during her scientific carreer.