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EGU Award Ceremony (Credit: EGU/Foto Pfluegl)

Division Outstanding Young Scientist Awards 2014 Nick J. Dunstone

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Nick J. Dunstone

Nick J. Dunstone
Nick J. Dunstone

CL Climate: Past, Present & Future

The 2014 Division Outstanding Young Scientist Award is awarded to Nick J. Dunstone for his contributions to our understanding of the coupled ocean-atmosphere climate system and its predictability.

Nick J. Dunstone has made multiple key contributions to our understanding of the predictability of the coupled ocean-atmosphere climate system, in terms of both natural variation and that caused by anthropogenic impact. Dunstone has published several papers in the field, most of which have appeared in journals of the highest standard. His latest work raises the possibility that most of the 20th century variability in Atlantic hurricanes is due to fluctuations in anthropogenic aerosols – a result with enormous scientific implications and socio-economic importance.

He is an excellent verbal and written communicator and his work has been repeatedly highlighted by journal editors. Previous studies led to an improved understanding of how aerosol emissions have affected North Atlantic Ocean temperatures in the 20th century. Aerosol-cloud interactions are only now starting to be fully represented in modern climate models and Dunstone’s work is at the forefront of the field. Dunstone has also worked to improve the methods and techniques of decadal climate prediction as well as working collaboratively on solar-climate variations and seasonal predictions of European climate. He is a very worthy recipient of the Division Outstanding Young Scientists Award.