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Fridtjof Nansen Medal 1996 Anders Stigebrandt

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Anders Stigebrandt

Anders Stigebrandt
Anders Stigebrandt

The 1996 Fridtjof Nansen Medal is awarded to Anders Stigebrandt for his profound and wide-ranging contributions to oceanography from molecular to climate scales.

The work of Anders Stigebrandt, Gothenburg Sweden, spans a wide range of oceanographic problems from molecular to climate scales. He has also developed simple, but robust physical models that have been valuable for the emerging field of oceanic systems. He has made significant contributions in the following oceanographic areas: stratified flows, density driven and mixing fronts, transport capacity of straits, fjord mixing exchange, internal tides, sea level/ pole tides, ice formation at all time scales, biogeochemical modelling, and eutrophication.

His work shows an inventiveness for simplicity to obtain quantitative results, and an eye to understanding unresolved issues. Stigebrandt is among the most referenced scientists in his fields of study, and he has written several popular articles to enhance public understanding of physics of the oceans.

Stigebrandt established the firm “Ancylus” which has provided interactive PC programmes and consulting services in fjord and coastal oceanography for government and industry, both in Sweden and Norway. His models are used in Scandinavia institutions both for teaching and research. His production reflects a good balance between descriptive, theoretical and applied oceanography. His current production addresses several interdisciplinary issues, all of which are in the spirit of the pioneering work of Fridtjof Nansen.

Newsletter 59, 36, 1996