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Hans Oeschger Medal 2023 Hugues Goosse

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Hugues Goosse

Hugues Goosse
Hugues Goosse

The 2023 Hans Oeschger Medal is awarded to Hugues Goosse for wide and significant contributions to palaeoclimate modeling and pioneering work in data assimilation in palaeoclimatology.

Hughes Goose is a leader in applying mathematical models to understanding the history of Earth’s climate. Goose pioneered combining observations with models to improve our understanding of climate mechanisms and has made important contributions to separating natural climate variability from variations forced by natural or human causes. His work includes highly cited studies of polar climate and sea ice variability and the history of the last few millennia, as well as service to many scientific organizations, working groups and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). His dedication to open access model development and publishing is exemplary and has provided tools and resources for hundreds of research projects.