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Henry Darcy Medal 1999 Malin Falkenmark

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Malin Falkenmark

Malin Falkenmark
Malin Falkenmark

The 1999 Henry Darcy Medal is awarded to Malin Falkenmark in recognition of her pioneering work in water resources assessment and her innovative approaches to the sustainable use of water resources.

The Darcy medal is a new medal for scientists who have made an outstanding contribution to water resources research, addressing the societal relevance of water resources. Darcy did that 150 years ago when he investigated the physical processes involved in the design of the water supply system for Dijon. Professor Falkenmark’s range of work is much wider: it is the world. The concerns that drive her enthusiasm are the global well-being of people and the sustainability of their future. Malin Falkenmark is world famous for developing the concept of “green” water, the rainwater used by plants to produce biomass, which is a resource generally disregarded in global statistics on per capita water availability. Malin Falkenmark is a role model for the new generation of water managers, both women and men.

Professor Falkenmark, I am very proud that you are here with us to receive the first Henry Darcy medal and that your name will remain on the top of the list of awardees forever to inspire those that come after you. Malin, on behalf of the Hydrological Sciences Section of EGS, I congratulate you with the award of the Henry Darcy medal.

Newsletter 71, 23, 1999