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John Dalton Medal 1998 James C.I. Dooge

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James C.I. Dooge

James C.I. Dooge
James C.I. Dooge

The 1998 John Dalton Medal is awarded to James C.I. Dooge for his general exposition of hydrology as an Earth science and his authoritative contributions to theoretical hydrology and new directions of research.

The John Dalton medal of the European Geophysical Society was established in 1997. It is awarded for outstanding contributions to Hydrology as an Earth Science whether theoretical or experimental.

The medal is named after John Dalton of Manchester, known to all scientists for contributions to atomic theory. The Hydrological Sciences Section, after much debate, decided to name its first medal after John Dalton in recognition of the first water balance at large scale which he made of England and Wales at the beginning of the 19th century.

The EGS Council awards its first Dalton Medal to the exceptionally distinguished hydrologist Professor James Dooge for his outstanding contributions to theoretical hydrology, in particular his linear theory of hydrologic systems, analysis of land surface processes and hydrology at the global scale.

Newsletter 67, 37, 1998