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John Dalton Medal 2001 Keith John Beven

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Keith John Beven

Keith John Beven
Keith John Beven

The 2001 John Dalton Medal is awarded to Keith John Beven for his outstanding contributions to the understanding of hydrological processes and hydrological modelling.

Keith Beven was appointed in 1991 as Professor of Hydrology at Lancaster University. He has made fundamental and innovative contributions over many years in a range of hydrological topics, especially model development and modelling methodology. His research interests include: rainfall-runoff modelling (including TOPMODEL which has been used in more than 30 countries world-wide); forecasting flood inundation; surface and subsurface tracing experiments and pollutant transport prediction (including random particle models for surface and subsurface transport and the ADZ model for pollution incident prediction); surface to atmosphere water fluxes; and predictive uncertainty in environmental models including the GLUE methodology and fuzzy set methods.

He has published more than 150 papers and books. His work has been acknowledged world-wide and he has an international reputation. Indicators of his esteem are:

In addition he has given a number of invited keynote talks at international events and has served on many national committees. He is a familiar figure at the EGS General Assemblies.

Interview with Keith John Beven (Vienna, 2018)

As a companion to the History of Hydrology session at European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2018 five interviews were recorded with former John Dalton or Henry Darcy EGU medallists. These interviews serve as an audiovisual recording of the history of hydrology.

This History of Hydrology interview features Professor Keith J. Beven from Lancaster University, UK, who was the 2001 John Dalton medallist. He is interviewed by Professor Okke Batelaan of Flinders University, Australia at the Austria Center, Vienna, Austria, 11 April, 2018.