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EGU Award Ceremony (Credit: EGU/Foto Pfluegl)

Young Scientist Outstanding Poster Paper (YSOPP) Awards 2008 Elizabeth Petrie

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Elizabeth Petrie

Elizabeth Petrie
Elizabeth Petrie

OS Ocean Sciences

The 2008 Young Scientist Outstanding Poster Paper (YSOPP) Award is awarded to Elizabeth Petrie for the poster/PICO entitled:

Sea Level Change using Vertical Land Motion from GNSS: Higher-Order Ionospheric Effects (Petrie, E.; King, M.; Moore, P.)

Click here to download the poster/PICO file.

Liz is a PhD student in the School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Newcastle University, UK. Her research focuses on improving measurements of sea-level change. She is currently using Global Positioning System (GPS) data to determine vertical land movement at tide gauges, and is working on improved GPS time series of station coordinates, particularly investigating the influence of higher-order ionospheric effects. The resulting state-of-the-art GPS time series can be used to correct tide gauge measurements for vertical land motion and produce less biased estimates of sea-level change.