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EGU Award Ceremony (Credit: EGU/Foto Pfluegl)

Young Scientist Outstanding Poster Paper (YSOPP) Awards 2010 Ellen Kooijman

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Ellen Kooijman

Ellen Kooijman
Ellen Kooijman

GMPV Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology & Volcanology

The 2010 Young Scientist Outstanding Poster Paper (YSOPP) Award is awarded to Ellen Kooijman for the poster/PICO entitled:

The decoupling of the Zr- and U-Pb systematics in rutile during cooling from HT conditions (Kooijman, E.; Mezger, K.; Berndt, J.; Smit, M.)

I obtained the PhD degree with the dissertation entitled “U-Pb dating of zircon and rutile by laser ablation ICP-MS: time constraints on metamorphic processes” at the Institute for Mineralogy, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany. Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher at the same institute. My main research interests are in the fields of geochronology and metamorphic petrology, and include the development of radiometric age dating techniques with focus on in situ microsampling and application to constrain the timing of deformation and metamorphism in rocks. In addition, I study the diffusional properties of trace elements in accessory phases including zircon and rutile.