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Sergey Soloviev Medal 2005 Charles A. Doswell III

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Charles A. Doswell III

Charles A. Doswell III
Charles A. Doswell III

The 2005 Sergey Soloviev Medal is awarded to Charles A. Doswell III in recognition of his world leadership in predicting the consequences of severe storms and floods, and in the avoidance and mitigation of these severe natural hazards.

Dr. Charles A. Doswell III has significantly contributed to understanding severe convective storms and their accompanying weather namely tornadoes and downbursts, significant hail and flash floods. Not only is he the leading and best recognized scientist in this research area but he has spent enormous energy in publicizing and drawing attention to these natural hazards among the general public and among governmental authorities. Besides numerous formal and informal publications, he has presented papers at many international workshops, conferences and training courses, discussing severe storms. All of these activities were not confined to the United States but whenever possible he has been trying to cooperate and contribute on an international level, targeting namely Europe.