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Sergey Soloviev Medal 2022 Anne Mangeney

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Anne Mangeney

Anne Mangeney
Anne Mangeney

The 2022 Sergey Soloviev Medal is awarded to Anne Mangeney for unique contributions to the understanding of geohazards by integrating novel modelling approaches with field and laboratory observations, and the transfer of knowledge towards risk assessment.

Very early in her career, Anne Mangeney initiated fruitful collaborations across disciplines, working with researchers in solid mechanics, physics, and applied mathematics. These collaborations led to studies of various natural hazards, including landslides, volcanoes, and tsunamis. Using outstanding skills in mechanical modelling and profound understanding of physical processes, she developed a set of concepts that are now used to model the onset and propagation of these geohazards.

Among the many influential contributions Anne Mangeney wrote, she studied the collapse of granular flows along slopes and developed a comprehensive body of work on the physics of landslides and avalanches. She has been consistently true to the vision of using non-linear dynamics to understand slope instabilities, with elegance and consistency, and has transformed this field of geosciences. This multidisciplinary approach was recognized as a ground-breaking work when she obtained in 2015 a prestigious Consolidator Grant, SlideQuakes, awarded by the European Research Council.

Anne Mangeney has showed a continuous curiosity and open-mindedness towards new disciplines, a great ability to make discoveries beyond the frontiers of science, and a strong determination to create new interactions between scientists. Her academic career has developed in parallel with an intense activity of training postgraduate students and services to the scientific community, without neglecting her societal implication manifested through the transfer of academic tools and knowledge towards risk assessment.