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Stephan Mueller Medal 1998 Peter A. Ziegler

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Peter A. Ziegler

Peter A. Ziegler
Peter A. Ziegler

The 1998 Stephan Mueller Medal is awarded to Peter A. Ziegler for his outstanding contributions to the unraveling of plate tectonic controls on sedimentary basin evolution.

Peter A. Ziegler is Professor of Global Geology at the University of Basel and currently coordinates the international EUCOR-URGENT Research and Training Project which addresses the Upper Rhine Graben evolution and neotectonics. He received in 1955 a Ph.D. from the University of Zürich and thereafter joined the petroleum industry. In 1988 he retired from Shell International and joined the Geological-Palaeontological Institute of the University of Basel. His research focuses at a global scale on plate tectonics and the dynamics of intra-plate deformation. He is the author of numerous publications addressing the Phanerozoic evolution of Europe. In 1997 and 2001 he was awarded honorary doctorates from Moscow State University and the Technical University Delft, respectively.

Newsletter 67, 37 1998