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Stephan Mueller Medal 2008 Jean-Pierre Brun

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Jean-Pierre Brun

Jean-Pierre Brun
Jean-Pierre Brun

The 2008 Stephan Mueller Medal is awarded to Jean-Pierre Brun in recognition of his pioneering contributions to the quantitative structural analysis of ductile deformation and physical modelling of tectonic processes.

The scientific contributions of Jean-Pierre Brun to the field of Tectonics and Structural Geology are outstanding. He can be considered as a pioneer both in the experimental modelling of tectonic processes and in the quantitative analysis of ductile deformation. He combines top quality in field studies with development and testing of fundamentally innovative experimental approaches. His main scientific achievements are manifold:

The above illustrates that in Brun’s work linking of lithospheric and field scales has been consequently pursued, generating new insights and breakthroughs in the understanding of fundamental tectonic processes. Also in this respect he made – in the spirit of Stephan Mueller – a great contribution to integrate quantitative geology and geophysics.

Jean-Pierre Brun is a scientist who has inspired a whole generation of young researchers. Impressive is also that he combined his research and the tutoring of young scientists with leadership and key responsibilities on the highest level in both national and international contexts.

Jean-Pierre Brun has received numerous prestigious awards and memberships, including Membership of the Institut Universitaire de France and Academia Europaea. His publication record speaks for itself. By awarding Jean-Pierre Brun the Stephan Mueller Medal, EGU would honour a great scientist and an inspiring and leading personality.