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EGU Award Ceremony (Credit: EGU/Foto Pfluegl)

Union Service Award 2010 Jelle Bijma

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Jelle Bijma

Jelle Bijma
Jelle Bijma

The 2010 Union Service Award is awarded to Jelle Bijma in recognition of his service for the Union as President of the Division on Biogeosciences, his exceptional dedication, committment and his active participation in the council and on several committees, as well as for his work as editor of the journal Biogeosciences.

Jelle Bijma’s research interests focus on process-oriented studies of the incorporation of isotopes and (trace) elements (“proxies”) into biogenic carbonates, biomineralisation, global biogeochemical cycles (specifically the carbon cycle) and processes of modern and past climate change. He published more than 50 publications in internationally peer-reviewed journals.

Jelle served EGU as President of the Biogeosciences division (2005–2009) and as editor of the EGU open access journal “Biogeosciences” (since 2004).

He was (is) coordinator of several (EU FP5-FP7), bi-national and national projects and serves on several national and international scientific committees and programmes dealing with biogeology, paleoceanography, modern and past climate and global change in research, training and outreach and is chair of the Scientific Committee of the ESF “Euroclimate” programme.