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EGU Award Ceremony (Credit: EGU/Foto Pfluegl)

Union Service Award 2011 Andreas Güntner

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Andreas Güntner

Andreas Güntner
Andreas Güntner

The 2011 Union Service Award is awarded to Andreas Güntner in recognition of his service for the Union as Coordinator of the Outstanding Young Scientist Poster Presentation Award, and his exceptional dedication to organising sessions and activities within the Division on Hydrological Sciences.

Andreas Güntner coordinated the Young Scientists Outstanding Poster Paper (YSOPP) Award for the Division of Hydrological Sciences from 2005-2008. During this time he significantly contributed to increasing the visibility of this award, which resulted in a considerable increase in participants, an improvement in poster presentations and increasing popularity of the poster sessions as a very valuable platform for in-depth and fruitful scientific discussions. He invested much of his time in improving and implementing database procedures for the award scheme, thus greatly facilitating the work of his successors in coordinating the YSOPP award within the HS Division as well as the coordinators in the many other divisions that successively also adopted this scheme. After stepping down from coordinating the YSOPP award in the Hydrological Sciences he took over the position of YSOPP award coordinator at the Union level, where, due to his effort in engaging other divisions and advertising the importance of this award scheme, participation increased from 3 divisions in 2005 to 13 divisions in 2009 to 20 divisions in 2010. But not only his strong involvement at the organizational level of EGU should be mentioned here, but also his scientific merits and contributions to the community and the Union, not only within the Division of Hydrological Sciences, but also in Geodesy, Soil Systems Science and Natural Hazards.