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EGU Award Ceremony (Credit: EGU/Foto Pfluegl)

Union Service Award 2013 Teodoro Miano

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Teodoro Miano

Teodoro Miano
Teodoro Miano

The 2013 Union Service Award is awarded to Teodoro Miano for pursuing the scientific growth of the Union through his continuous and exceptional dedication to the Soil System Sciences Division and to young scientists.

Teodoro Miano made exceptional efforts to transfer and disseminate science to students, researchers, policy makers, and the general public through the European Geosciences Union. In addition, Teodoro Miano devoted time and effort within the EGU to provide motivation and enthusiasm to several PhD students and countless colleagues sharing his thorough and wide knowledge and continuously stimulating ideas. He introduced tens of scientists to the EGU world. His scientific approach, his enthusiasm and his charismatic role pushed young scientists to be very active inside the Union by promoting new sessions and meetings, and involving new people.

Miano’s efforts brought the SSS Division, during the term of his service as President, to grow in terms of participants to the General Assembly (from 300 up to 900 abstracts, approximately), with many scientific topics and additional disciplines involved. With his cordial personality and contagious enthusiasm he promoted the link between the Soil System Sciences (SSS) and other EGU Divisions, including Geomorphology, Biogeosciences, Natural Hazards, and Hydrological Sciences, thus demonstrating that most of the phenomena occurring in geosciences should be studied in an interdisciplinary way. At last, during his term as SSS President he promoted contacts with other scientific societies such as the International Union of Soil Sciences and the International Humic Substance Society. Miano is a great ambassador for the EGU who, for his contributions to the Union, is a deserved recipient of the Union Service Award.