Vening Meinesz Medal 1998 Reiner Rummel

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Reiner Rummel

Reiner Rummel
Reiner Rummel

The 1998 Vening Meinesz Medal is awarded to Reiner Rummel in recognition of his fundamental contributions to the study of the Earth’s gravity field and to the realization of a widely-based reference system.

The recipient of the Vening Meinesz medal is Prof. Reiner Rummel. Prof. Rummel has been full professor of Physical Geodesy at the Faculty of Geodetic Engineering at the Delft University of Technology from 1980 till 1993. Since then he is full professor of Astronomical and Physical Geodesy at the Technical University of Munich. Reiner Rummel has made a fundamental contribution to the study of the Earth’s gravity field through his theoretical work as well as with his contribution to the development of geopotential satellite missions and the analysis and interpretation of satellite altimetry data.

Newsletter 67, 37, 1998