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Vilhelm Bjerknes Medal 2017 John M. C. Plane

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John M. C. Plane

John M. C. Plane
John M. C. Plane

The 2017 Vilhelm Bjerknes Medal is awarded to John M. C. Plane in recognition of his groundbreaking work in atmospheric chemistry. He made fundamental contributions to the study of metal layers in the upper atmosphere and the chemistry of biogenic, halogen compounds in the marine boundary layer.

John Maurice Campbell Plane’s research in atmospheric chemistry extends from the marine boundary layer to the mesosphere. He is recognised as world-wide expert on high atmosphere chemistry of meteors and metals and made several discoveries in metals in the mesosphere. Plane recently explained the anomalous behavior of potassium, a 50-years unresolved problem. He also made some unique measurements of NO3, BrO, IO, OIO in the marine boundary layer, and made several discoveries in halogen radicals in the atmosphere. His research combines the separate disciplines of laboratory studies, fieldwork and numerical modelling and he is a world-leading expert in all of these areas. He has been an inspirational mentor to a wide number of students and has trained many atmospheric scientists who now hold senior positions themselves.