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Education Geosciences Information for Teachers (GIFT) application form

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Geosciences Information for Teachers (GIFT) application form

Geosciences Information for Teachers virtual workshop (vGIFT) 2022

Online, 4–8 April 2022

Topic: How the planet shapes history - Geosciences, human society and civilizations

Applications should be received as soon as possible and in any case no later than Tuesday 15th February 2022. Teachers will be notified of the results of their application by early-March.

All speaker presentations will be recorded for later access. Sessions will run on:

The end-time of the sessions might be slightly (+/- 15 min) modified.

Registration fees for both the vGIFT2022 and EGU22 will be waived for teachers and speakers thanks to the generosity of the EGU.

Participating teachers must have a supporting statement from their school administration. Successfully registered teachers will be expected to attend a minimum of half the sessions and submit a statement within one year following the workshop on their impressions of the workshop and how they plan to use this experience in their future teaching activities.

Please see the programme brochure (PDF document, 73.4 KB) for more details.

To apply, please fill in the form below and press "Submit application". Fields marked with * are required.

Contact details

Contact details
Please provide your first name and family name.
This email is used for validation of this application, as well as for all future communication with you. Please provide either your school/professional email address (preferred) or a private email address, if your school does not offer such a service.

School information

School information

Letter of recommendation

A letter of recommendation by your school principal or appropriate supervisor is required for each application and must include the following wording. Even if you were accepted for last year’s GIFT, a new letter your school principal or appropriate supervisor is required for the 2022 workshop as the timings for vGIFT this year are different.

“I recommend the above applicant as a GIFT Workshop participant and agree to support the teacher if he/she is required to take time away from school to participate in this workshop and to facilitate the teacher’s role in providing feedback to their colleagues and as a resource provider on the use of geoscience research across the curriculum following this experience.”

The letter needs to include the date, signature of your school principal or appropriate supervisor, and her or his job title.

Letter of recommendation

Data privacy

Your name and a valid email address are required to add your submission to our database. Please make sure to validate your entry (a link will be sent to the given email address) within 10 days, or your submission will be automatically deleted from our database.

All application data provided will be used during the review process and will be shared with the EGU Committee on Education and EGU staff. We respect your privacy and will not share your application details with any other third party. However, successful participants agree to have their name, school information and email addresses published in the GIFT brochure, which is published online.

To improve the review process, we may store your submission data up to two years. After this date, your information will be automatically removed from our database.

Data privacy
The EGU needs your contact information to validate this database entry. In addition we may (on rare occasions) need to contact you about your submission. You can withdraw your consent and have your data deleted at any time, in accordance with our privacy policy.
In order to uphold and promote the highest standards of scientific integrity, open science and open access research, the EGU has adopted a code of conduct. You need to agree with the code of conduct in order to participate.