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About EGU EGU Extraordinary Spring Election 2019

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EGU Extraordinary Spring Election 2019

The EGU Extraordinary Spring Election 2019 for the next SSS Division President was closed on 14 April 2019. We would like to thank each of the candidates for their initiative in standing for the election. We also sincerely thank all those EGU members who used their voting right. Active participation in elections ensures continuation of the well-established bottom-up structure of our Union!

In total, 231 EGU members voted in this election. Please see the results below.

EGU Division Presidents 2019–2021

The elected candidate will serve as SSS Division President for a two-year term (2019–2021) starting with the publication of these results and may stand for re-election for a further two years at the Election Autumn 2019.

SSS Soil System Sciences

Claudio Zaccone was elected as the SSS Division President for the term 2019–2021.

Claudio Zaccone

Claudio Zaccone

Elected candidate

51.5% of votes

Bas van Wesemael

Bas van Wesemael


45.9% of votes