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EGU news EGU Publications says “Thank you!” to all our 2023 journal and EGUsphere volunteers!

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EGU Publications says “Thank you!” to all our 2023 journal and EGUsphere volunteers!

8 January 2024

EGU wants to say a big “Thank you!” to all our 1372 journal editors, 8091 referees and 46 EGUsphere moderators who volunteered during 2023! The commitment and dedication of our volunteer referees, journal editors and EGUsphere moderators are invaluable to ensure high standards of scientific quality in our 19 interactive open-access journals and for the stand-alone preprints on EGUsphere.

The contributions of the volunteer referees and journal editors ensured the fair, timely, rigorous and transparent peer review of approximately 4700 papers submitted to all EGU journals in 2023. This was achieved by facilitating the delivery of more than 8000 referee reports! In addition, EGUsphere moderators screened stand-alone preprints to verify their scientific quality prior to community discussion on EGUsphere.

EGU and Copernicus Publications would like to express their immense gratitude and appreciation to all these volunteers.

We also thank the members of the scientific community who contributed 666 community comments to interactive discussions on EGUsphere and in the journal discussion forums. All EGU volunteers make a big difference to our community and beyond, by directly contributing to the advancement of Earth, planetary and space sciences, which relies on the quality of the available scientific literature. Thank you to all volunteers for your continuing support and we are looking forward to the many exciting discussions and discoveries in our community-based open-access publications in 2024!


Eduardo Queiroz Alves
EGU Editorial Manager

Barbara Ervens
EGU Publications Committee Chair


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