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EGU news Statement on the use of AI-based tools for the presentation and publication of research results in Earth, planetary and space science

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Statement on the use of AI-based tools for the presentation and publication of research results in Earth, planetary and space science

22 January 2024

Tools based on artificial intelligence (AI) are increasingly being used to create scientific documents, including peer-reviewed publications, preprints and conference contributions. The benefits of these tools include the ability to assist in the production of text, and ultimately helping to improve structure and language. Despite acknowledging the potential benefits, EGU also makes the following recommendations to ensure appropriate, mindful and ethical use of AI tools to prepare presentations and publications in Earth, planetary and space science:

  • Human oversight, expertise and critical thinking should be applied to all research output, including scientific publications and presentations
  • AI tools cannot be included as authors of publications, including presentations and abstracts, since they can neither be held accountable for the content they create, nor can they manage copyright and license agreements (cf guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics)
  • Authors of scientific contributions have to disclose the use of AI tools in an appropriate section of the manuscript or presentations (e.g. Methods, Acknowledgements)
  • To ensure rigorous and transparent peer review, AI tools should not be applied to assess the quality of manuscripts. Reviewers are personally responsible and accountable for the manuscript evaluation they present in uploaded reports.

These recommendations only apply to the use of AI tools during the presentation and publication of research, not to any other stage.

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Eduardo Queiroz Alves
EGU Editorial Manager

Barbara Ervens
EGU Publications Committee Chair

Hazel Gibson
Head of Commuications


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