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EGU news EGU is supporting 16 training schools and conferences in 2024

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EGU is supporting 16 training schools and conferences in 2024

17 June 2024

EGU has announced the 9 training schools and 5 conference series in the Earth, planetary and space sciences for which it will provide financial support in 2024. The EGU will also sponsor two Galileo Conferences.

EGU has selected 9 training schools organised and run by Early Career Scientists in 2024, which will cover a wide variety of geoscience topics ranging from remote sensing of volcanic emissions, to wood and charcoal, river catchments and oceanography.

This year the EGU will also fund the delivery of two Galileo Conferences, which address well-focused, cutting-edge topics at the frontier of geosciences research. The successful proposals for 2024 were for the Fibre Optic Sensing in Geosciences meeting, which will take place between 16–20 June 2024 in Catania, Italy, and the QuIESCENT Arctic workshop: from Sources to Climate Effects of Natural and Transported aerosol in the Arctic meeting, which will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland and online between the 22-24 October 2024.

Over the last few years EGU has been pleased to support a diverse range of training schools, which offer Early Career Scientists specialist training opportunities that they normally don’t have access to at their home institutions, and conferences, which encourage sustained dialogue within specialist research communities. Funding for the training schools has been increased in 2024, to an approximate amount of 6000€ and funding for the conference series’ has also increased to 8000€ (with the possibility of some specialist costs allocated for the conference series).

To apply for funding to organise a training school or conference in 2025 please head to the information pages to check the requirements and benefits then submit your training school proposal or submit your conference series proposal today!

The deadline for all applications is 17 June 2024, for more information and support, please contact Stephen Mojzsis, Chair of the Topical Events Committee:

The full list of training schools and conference series funded for delivery in 2024 are as follows:

Training schools

  • Remote sensing and volcanic emissions
  • Integrated oceanography, energy and strategic metal deposits and geobiology: example of Milos
  • Advanced Spatial Statistics methods for environmental applications
  • GeoHazards Risk Assessment
  • Southern Ocean sciences: ocean dynamics, ice-ocean interactions, biology and carbon cycling
  • Tracing river catchments
  • Snow Science
  • Wood and Charcoals
  • Macroscopic, Atomistic, and Thermodynamic models of minerals and melts

Conference series

  • “Ada Lovelace Workshop on Mantle and Lithosphere Dynamics “
  • Emile Argand Conference on Alpine Geological Studies
  • Plinius Conference on Mediterranean Risks
  • Angioletta Coradini Conferences on Solar System and Planetary Processes: Solar Wind From Sun to Planets: Origin, Evolution and Impact
  • Angioletta Coradini Conferences on Solar System and Planetary Processes: Terrestrial Analogues for Solar System studies


Stephen Mojzsis
Topical Events Committee Chair

Jane Roussak
EGU Events Manager


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